about me

I’m a tangential and sometimes loosely associated giver-of-birth to four. Sometimes, I attempt to be a mother to them.  I love things like sleep, coffee, cardigans, and makeup. As a left-hander, I grew up with the notion that I would somehow be artsy or talented in some super cool way (still searching: thank you crushed ideals).  I once pissed off a bride and groom (“This wasn’t on our fucking song list”) by dedicating an interpretive dance to them to the tune of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.  I love real people livin’ life.  As a mental health counselor, I get an insane amount of joy and satisfaction out of helping others.  I’m a sucker for stream of consciousness writing; I hope by blogging I am able to make my random thoughts relatable and entertaining.

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